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    Commercial Electrical & Commercial Electrician in the GTA

    Commercial Electrical Service

    KVA Commercial Electrician offering commercial electrical service in Toronto and across the GTA is available to serve you! Our experienced team handles a variety of Commercial Electrical needs such as:

    Our Certified Electricians have years of experience in the commercial sector to ensure cost-effective and safe solutions that won’t tamper with your day to day workings. We are here every hour of the day or night to aid you in an emergency and will take the necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    Our Process

    Skilled KVA Electricians perform high-quality work to enhance and not disrupt the overall function of your workplace. We are equipped to handle any complex electrical issues you encounter. Your business is suited with expensive equipment that could cost thousands to repair after an electrical problem.

    Our team protects your assets by applying the highest safety standards and implements electrical work that is up to code. Here is some of the work our Commercial Electricians in Toronto provide:

    • Commercial Electrical Wiring and Repair
    • Disconnect Switches Service & Installation,
    • 3 Phase Electrical Services & Distribution Panels,
    • New Circuit Installation
    • Rewiring of Offices & Warehouses, Buildings, Etc…
    • Alterations/Remodelling of Plants and Factories
    • Installation of New Electrical Equipment/Machinery
    • Installation of Backup Generators
    • Electric Motor Installation & Service
    • So much more…

    We Can Help

    We are your local Commercial Electricians and will help your business save money through a number of different tactics. We use Power Factor Correction, Demand Power Load, Power Surges Protection and more. The idea is to ease electricity payments on your business. By simply adding a set of Capacitor Banks, you will experience lower costs in your monthly bills.

    One of the ways our clients are saving money is by installing a new Solar Power Distribution System on the roof of their buildings. In doing so, they generate clean, renewable energy for their business, and sell energy back to the local utility. This has helped businesses across the GTA save money on utility bills and generate money in the process. Ask us how!


    Here are a couple Frequently Asked Questions any KVA Commercial Electrician in Toronto has received:

    • What exactly does a Commercial Electrician do?

    KVA Commercial Electricians ensure your electrical system is running smoothly. We wire any tool or appliance that controls power, heating, lighting, and others. We install backup generators, motors, new circuits, and new electrical equipment. Our team also specializes in new additions for new building structures, and wiring of existing warehouse distribution, food processing plants, manufacturing plants, and so much more.

    • What’s the difference between a residential and commercial electrician?

    Exactly how it sounds – a residential electrician has expertise in homes and other small residences, whereas a commercial electrician has experience working with high voltage, electrical service and repair for machinery and commercial low rise and high rise buildings.

    Here’s a comprehensive list of the services our Commercial Electricians provide in Toronto and the GTA:

    • 24 Hour Emergency Service
    • Electrical Installation & Service
    • New Building Electrical Service
    • Commercial Electrical Service Upgrade ( 100A/3PH/600V to 800A/3PH/600V and larger)
    • Electrical Sub-Services
    • Duct Banks
    • Three Phase Electrical Distribution Panels
    • New Electrical Panel
    • Panel Replacement & Service
    • Commercial Electrical Switches
    • Electrical Switch Gear Installation
    • Switch Gear Maintenance & Repair
    • Overhead Service Repair & Replacement
    • Underground Electrical Service Upgrade
    • Transformer Replacement & Installation
    • Back-up Generators
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Surge Suppression & Protection Systems
    • Building Maintenance Programs
    • Building Automation
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Lighting Contractors
    • Solar Energy
    • Solar Power
    • Data Wiring
    • Network Cabling
    • Communication Cables & Service
    • HVAC Wiring & Repair
    • Wiring of Receptacles/Switches/Offices
    • Office Lighting
    • Installation of Fluorescent Fixtures
    • LED Lighting Panels
    • Lighting Retrofitting
    • Office Lighting Installation & Service
    • Remodelling Pot Light Installation & Service
    • Standard Pot Lights
    • LED Pot Lights
    • Halogen Pot Lights
    • New Energy Saving Programs Implementation
    • LED Lighting & Retrofit Solutions Indoor/Outdoor
    • Exterior Building Lighting Installation & Repair
    • Multi-Vehicle Charging Station
    • Parking Space Vehicle Charging Station
    • Parking Lot Vehicle Charging Station
    • Air Compressor Repair & Installation
    • Hydraulic Equipment Service, Repair, & Installation
    • Fire Damage Restoration of Electrical Installation
    • Insurance Certification
    • ESA Deficiency Notice Correction & Services
    • Building Inspection Program
    • Energy Audits/Retrofit and Savings Programs
    • Landscape Lighting/Waterfalls
    • Pool Pumps Service & Installation
    • Pumps & Motors
    • Motor Control
    • Motor Contractors
    • Industrial Timers Installation & Service
    • In Wall Timer Switches
    • Wall Switches with Remote Operation
    • 3 Way Wall Switch with Remote Operation
    • Light Switches/Single & Double Pole Switches
    • 3 and 4 Way Switches
    • Dimmer Switches/3 Way Dimmer Switches
    • 120V/250V/600V 3 Phase Combination Receptacles
    • 15A/20A/30A/50A/100A/208V/600V Power Outlets
    • Pin & Sleeve Plugs & Receptacles Quick Connect for Mobile Equipment
    • Seasonal Lighting
    • Christmas Lighting
    • Much more…

    If your looking for a commercial electrician in Toronto and the GTA that has years of commercial electrical experience, I invite you to call for a free quote at (905) 669-4584.