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    Residential Electrical Services & Residential Electrical Wiring

    Residential Electrical Service & Installation

    A KVA Residential Electrician that specializes in residential electrical services and residential electrical wiring among other services in Toronto and the GTA is ready to solve your home’s electrical needs:

    • Small scale projects
    • Complex or Large Projects
    • Retrofit Pot Light & Pot Light Installation
    • Installation or Replacement of Receptacle or Switch
    • LED Pot Lights
    • So much more…

    Our Licensed Electricians are experts in your home’s electricity. We provide Electrical repair, troubleshooting, emergency services, installation, remodelling & renovating. One of our most requested services is Pot Light installations of all kinds, such as:

    • New Construction & Remodelling Pot Light Installation
    • LED Pot Lights for New Construction
      • Retrofitting in Existing Ceiling Space
      • For ICT Insulated Ceiling
      • Pot Lights for Remodelling

    KVA Residential electricians in and around Toronto provides installation of New Electrical Circuits ranging from 120 Volts to 250 volts for all types of home appliances. We’re also your go-to for Chandelier Installations, including large Chandeliers in high and hard to reach ceilings. We undoubtedly stand proud behind all our work and guarantee safe and up to code installation and repairs.

    It doesn’t stop there! We also provide an extensive and complete rewiring program to a variety of different types and styles of low and high-rise residential properties and homes. Here’s a short list of some of the services we provide:

    • Residential Electrical Repairs
    • Power Troubleshooting
    • Short Circuit Repair
    • Knob & Tube Wiring Repair
    • Knob & Tube Wiring Removal
    • Repair broken, damaged, and burned out Aluminum Wiring
    • Aluminum Wiring Removal
    • Alterations & Remodeling
    • Electrical Renovations & Additions
    • Residential Electrical Wiring

    How We Help

    One of our team’s favourite lengthy projects is in New Construction. After all, we appreciate how much passion goes into a dream home project and love to work with homeowners to help realize their ambitions.

    In fact, we work closely with you by giving you the freedom to make amendments and modifications to all aspects of the project as work progresses. As a result, you’ll have your vision come to life with a complete set of Plans and Drawings as any perfectly designed built project would dictate.

    Give us a call, we’d love to talk about your Electrical requirements. In the meantime, here are a couple of Frequently Asked Questions below.

    • Do I need permits for home electrical work?

    Almost all residential electrical work in Ontario requires a permit. That’s because of the danger associated with working with electricity. There are only a few exceptions, firstly: 2-wire to 2-wire light switch changes, next is replacing a 2-wire to 2-wire light fixture, and finally installing a chandelier from a flush-mount light or 2-light fixture.

    • I’m a homeowner, can I perform my own electrical work?

    Yes, however are you skilled or handy enough, do you have the knowledge to do the work correctly and up to Code? Are you prepared to take out an Electrical Permit with ESA?

    You should keep in mind that the ESA requires anyone doing an electrical Installation to take out a permit and be able to substantiate the work as well as to provide specific information to the ESA Inspector about the installation. This is due to power safety concerns and the safety of your family. Finally, take a look at some ESA tips on working safely at home.


    KVA Residential Electrical Services Across Toronto & the GTA


    We offer Electrical services throughout the Greater Toronto area. Whether your looking for help at home with residential electrical wiring, repairs, emergency services or anything related to residential electrical, we are here to provide you with professional assistance you deserve.

    • 24/7 Hour Emergency Electrical Services
    • Residential Underground Service Repair
    • Residential Electrical Service Repair
    • Underground Electrical Service Repair
    • Electrical Service Panel Repair
    • Electrical Service Sub-Panel Repair
    • Residential Back-up Generators Installation & Repair
    • Pot Lights
    • Lighting Contractors
    • Lighting Retrofit
    • Wall Sconces Installation
    • Light Fixture Installation
    • Soffit Pot Lights Installation
    • Exterior Lighting Installation
    • Chandelier Installation & Repair
      • Panel Replacement & Repair
      • Service Upgrade from 100A/1PH/250V & up
      • New Electrical Panel Installation & Service
      • Residential Sub-Panel Installation
      • Electrical Service Panel Upgrade
      • Fuse Panel Upgrade to Breakers
      • Faulty Fuse Holder Repair
      • Breaker Replacement & Installation
      • ARC Fault Breaker Installation
      • GFI Breaker Installation
      • Overloaded Circuit Repair
      • Short Circuit Repair
    • Receptacles Repair
    • Faulty Wiring Repai
    • Plugs Not Work Repair
    • Lights Troubleshooting
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Plugs Repair & Replacement
    • Potential Fire Hazard Repair
    • Switches Repair & Replacement
    • Electrical Power Fluctuation Repair
    • Electrical Wiring Short Circuit Repair
    • Surge Suppression & Protection Systems
    • Fire Damage restoration of Electrical Wiring
    • New Home Wiring Service & Installation
    • ESA Deficiencies Notices Repair & Correction
    • Back-up Generators Installation & Service
    • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    • Aluminum Wiring Repair & Removal
    • Knob & Tube Repair & Removal
    • 24 Hour Timers & Clocks
    • Electric Heating Repair
    • Insurance Certificate
    • Home Inspection
    • Surge Protection
    • CO2 Detectors
    • Solar Power Installation & Service
    • Vehicle Charging Station Installation
    • Garage Vehicle Charging System
    • Waterfall Pump Repair
    • Pool Pump & Motor Repair
    • Grinder Pumps Service & Repair
    • Air Compressor Repair & Installation
    • Faulty Motor Contactor Repair
    • Motor Installation & Repair
    • Garage Door Openers
    • Gate Openers
    • Sump Pumps
    • Receptacles Repair
    • Faulty Wiring Repai
    • Plugs Not Work Repair
    • Lights Troubleshooting
    • Power Factor Correction
    • Plugs Repair & Replacement
    • Potential Fire Hazard Repair
    • Switches Repair & Replacement
    • Electrical Power Fluctuation Repair
    • Electrical Wiring Short Circuit Repair
    • Surge Suppression & Protection Systems
    • Fire Damage restoration of Electrical Wiring
    • GFI Receptacle Installation & Repair
    • 15A/20A/30A/50A/100A/250V Plugs Installation
    • Stove Receptacles Installation & Repair
    • Dryer Receptacles Installation & Repair
    • Appliance Dedicated Circuit Installation
    • Welder Receptacle Installation & Repair
    • Espresso Machine Receptacle Installation
    • Exterior Plug Installation & Repair
    • Hot Water Tank Receptacle
    • In Wall Timer Switch Installation & Service
    • Light Switch Installation & Replacement
    • Faulty or Defective Switch Repair
    • Double Pole Switch Installation
    • 3 Way Switches Installation
    • 3 Way Wall Switch with Remote Control
    • 3 Way Dimmer Switches
    • 4 Way Switches Installation
    • New Switch Wiring & Installation
    • Data Wiring & Outlet Installation & Service
    • Network Cabling Installation & Service
    • Network Routers & Switches Installation & Service
    • Telephone Cables & Outlet Installation & Service
    • TV Cables Outlet Installation & Service
    • Surveillance Camera Installation & Service
    • Security Lighting Installation
    • Landscape Lighting Installation
    • Tree Flood Lighting Installation
    • Tree Receptacle/Plug Installation & Repair
    • Christmas Lighting Service & Installation & Repair
    • Seasonal Lighting Service & Installation Programs
    • Pathway & Garden LED Lighting Installation