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    Solar Panel Installation & Services in the GTA

    Solar Panel Installation & Services

    We install solar panel in homes and provide solar panel services which includes repair and maintenance anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

    Being environmentally conscious is good for both the planet and your hydro bill! Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power with no pollutants discarded into the atmosphere. It’s an environmentally friendly way to power your home with a clear conscience. Solar panel services in Toronto are surging in an effort to lower environmental footprints and energy costs. There are two forms of Solar Energy:

    1. Photovoltaic Conversion: Sheets of special materials placed on the roof of your home offering a direct conversion of sunlight into electricity. Through absorbing photons and freeing electrons from atoms, generating electricity in the process.
    2. Solar Thermal Conversion: By Absorbing the heat from the sun and using it to power generators that in turn produce electricity.

    These clean energy solutions are sufficient enough to power your home and will lower your monthly electricity costs. Read on to find out how you can make money by selling power back to Local Utility.

    Licensed Electricians at KVA have undergone specialized training. We are experts in the installation, service, and upkeep of your new green energy system. We’ll keep you informed with all the information you’ll need and the necessary steps to completing your Solar Energy Installation.

    Save Money First, Make Money Second

    • Incentive Programs: Our Electricians will inform you of how to recover some of the costs associated with the installation of this energy-saving project.
    • Commercial Incentive Program: The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) offers rebates to commercial building owners/tenants who retrofit their establishment with solar hot water heaters and other electricity saving equipment. This is done through the Every Kilowatt Counts initiative.
    • OPA offers home/landowners a flexible 20-year contract to generate and sell green electricity back to the grid between ¢44.5 to ¢54.9 per kilowatt hour.

    If you wish to be a part of the Waterpower Projects, they are 40-year term contracts.

    Installing a New Solar Panel Distribution System on the roof of your home, you can sell energy back to Local Utility. The power that you generate for your home will be free and any overage will be extra income at no cost to you. Ask Us How!

    Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive on Solar Panel Services in Toronto:

    • How many solar panels will my home need?

    A 1000sqft home will require approximately 2,000 watts – equalling to 6 to 9 panels.

    • If I use Solar Panel, do I need to stay on the main Electrical grid?

    If your system is planned properly, you can power your home with panels and then you won’t need to stay on the grid. We’ll calculate how much energy your home requires and how much solar energy you’ll receive. Taking into consideration appropriate energy storage to last you through those gloomy days in Toronto. We’ll help you make an informed decision on whether to stay on the traditional electric systems.