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    Back-Up Generator Installation, Repair & Service Toronto

    Back-Up Generator Installation, Repair & Service

    Have you experienced a Black-Out recently? Or have you been without Power in recent times? Either way if you have been contemplating or considering to Installing a Back-Up Generator for your Home, Office, or Warehouse. Don’t worry we have the knowledge, experience, Tools and with over 30 years of experience in Electrical Installations we are now a Generac Authorized Contractor & Dealer. Which means that you can rest assured knowing that Generac and KVA ELECTRIC have you covered from the Start to the Finish Line. We will guide you through the process of choosing the right size back-up generator, and according to the Size of your Existing Service, Fuel Type eg. Natural Gas, Propane, Gas, Diesel and Location which is crucial for keeping everyone safe and healthy. A Generator that is too close to Windows, Doors, Vents is harmful to the health of your family and any one that could potentially be exposed to exhaust and fumes that are exhausted from the Generator when Running. We will ensure with proper and scheduled maintenance programs, that when the time comes to have your generator spring in to action. That it actually does what it is supposed to do and not fail at a time when you need it most and to perform for you!


    Think of those cold winter days that are in the (-20) Minus Double digits and your Power goes out for one reason or another. The local utility is not able to restore Power to your home for days! What do you do? Your Water Pipes will Freeze and burst, adding to the disaster with Water leaks, your walls and Drywall will also Freeze and crack due to the inclement conditions adding to the repair bill. Not to mention that you can also get sick and suffer from hypothermia or even end up in the Hospital. All of this stress and uncertainty can be avoided with the simple Installation of a Back-Up Generator. Don’t have another December of 2013 spoil or ruin your Plans! Get your Back-Up Generator Installed today! We can handle of the paper work, Planing, organizing, and Installation for you. We have experienced Staff to help guide you through each and every step of the process. We will design, layout and Plan your Back-Up Generator Installation with ease. Our experienced Electricians can take care of the Installation with ease while you just sit back and relax. we will ensure that the Generator is sized accordingly, your Automatic Transfer Switch is setup and ready to go at a moments notice.


    Generator Sizing

    With the right Size Back-Up Generator and Automatic Transfer Switch in place you are all set; for the worst case scenario! Your Lights, Heating, Cooling, Stove are always energized and ready to keep you running in any weather related condition or Hydro Utility Power Loss!

    Not all Homes and Buildings are Build the same, some are small, some are larger and some are significantly Larger in Size. Therefore if you want to get a Back-Up or Standby Generator Installed for your Home, Office, Commercial Facility, Warehouse, Factory, Entertainment or Hospitality Industry than you need to have it properly assets so that it will not Fail or not function properly when you need it most! By letting us help you chose the right size Generator you should be well prepared for the worst case scenario. Every home or Business has different requirements and needs therefore we will have to ensure that we give you the best option and information to getting the right size Generator for your home.


    What is Automatic Transfer Switch

    An Automatic Transfer Switch is designed to Automatically Switch the Power from the Local Utility Power (Hydro) to the Generator Power. So what this means is that in case of a local power outage your Automatic Transfer Switch will automatically and without the need for someone to be present or to do any physical work. The Automatic Transfer Switch will seamless change the state and position from Hydro Power to your Generator so that you will never ever loos power and can continue to go about your business as if nothing ever happened. If you don’t have an Automatic Transfer Switch than you are obligated to manually Turn ON your Generator and Manually change the state of the Transfer Switch from Utility Power to Generation Power. Not withstanding if you loos power to your home or facility and do not have an Automatic Transfer Switch than you stand to loosing everything that is stored in your refrigerator, loos of heating, cooling and in some cases also water especially if you are on a water well system. All of this can be avoided by Installing an Automatic Transfer Switch which will take of things for you even if your not around to make the necessary changes to your Electrical Distribution System.


    How to best use or Install a Back-Up or Standby Generator!

    The best way to Install a Back-Up or Standby Generator is to have it integrated with your Residential Service. This means that we would install an Automatic Transfer Switch either outside or onside of your home and before the Main Electrical Service Panel. The other option is to have a secondary Electrical panel Installed with a Transfer Switch which will allow you to run only the essential as you are limited to how much you can add to this Electrical Back-Up Power Panel.

    Usually having the entire House on a Back-Up or Standby Generator is the best and simplest way to do this as it will take care of the entire house and you do not need to worry about things not working or not being able to run. With a whole House Standby Generator you simply walk away and even if your away or out and about you can rest assure that your home will be warm or cool depending on the season without lifting a finger. Your Refrigerator will have cold drinks, you are able to cook no matter what is going on out side. Your home has power ON at all times leaving your neighbours jealous and in the dark. Make the right choice and have us Install a Standby Generator for you today.


    Still not sure! On what to do!

    Give us a call our expert and experienced staff will walk you through all of the necessary steps! We will guide you and explain every step of the way from beginning to end!

    Regardless of your knowledge, experience and capabilities we will show you and explain to you the entire process!

    So that you don’t feel uncertain or unsure of whether or not you are doing the right thing or getting the right Back-Up generator.

    With KVA ELECTRIC by your side you can rest assure that we will get it DONE Right!

    Just give us a call and will make this such a seamless transition that you will ask yourself why you have waited so long.