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    Electrical Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

    Electrical Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

    Our Licensed Electricians use Electrical Infrared Thermal Imaging Services and Thermography In Toronto to catch problematic areas in your building’s Electrical performance that are not visible to the naked eye. We detect Electrical issues before they get out of hand, in turn cutting down potential damage costs to your operation. KVA’S Thermal Imaging Inspection Service across Toronto are the best non-invasive and uninterrupted means to analyzing the integrity of your Electrical Distribution Equipment in your home or business with no loss of production or down time. (In most Cases)!

    As a property manager or owner, the safety of your tenants, family, staff, employees or business is surely top of mind and of high priority. So should avoiding unnecessary break down’s, down time and incurred costs stemming from preventable situations such as Electrical Equipment failure and break downs. We use Electrical infrared thermal imaging technology to detect and solve many and numerous electrical problems, hidden issues, underlying issues, potential fire hazards as well as possible serious hazardous electrical issues before they materialize. Our Licensed Electricians at KVA Electric provide this non intrusive and preventative maintenance service to homeowners, commercial and industrial businesses in Toronto and across the GTA.

    With a Thermal Scan Inspection Report from KVA Electric you’ll receive a complete and detailed diagnostic report of your Electrical Distribution. This provides you a comprehensive look at your entire Electrical Distribution with all of the detected electrical issues that are lurking in your Electrical Service, Electrical Switchboard, Disconnect Switches, Splitters, and Electrical panels.

    The Infrared Imaging results allow our certified team to compile an assessment report detailing all of the thermal Scan results and issues detected. Included with our detailed report we will provide you with our recommendations, necessary course of actions, as well as any serious, dangerous or hazardous situations as they are found. The Thermography Scan & report will give you peace of mind, knowing that any lurking and possible threats can be neutralized with a simple and cost-effective solutions from KVA Electric.


    Here are some of the issues Electrical Infrared or Thermal Imaging can reveal:

    * Hot Spots
    * Hot Breaker issues
    * Hot Circuit Issues
    * Overload Breaker
    * Overheated Buss Bars
    * Melting Cable Insulation
    * Oxidization on Buss Bars
    * Oxidization on Connections
    * Faulty or Loose Connections
    * Faulty Disconnect Switches
    * Faulty Fuse Holders
    * Faulty Wiring
    * Potential Short Circuit
    * Potential Fire Hazards
    * Overheated Cables & Wires
    * Undersized Cables & Wires
    * Loaded Capacity Fuses
    * Blowing Fuses issues
Motor Overloaded
    * Motor Hot Phase issue
    * Motor Control Centre Issues
    * Faulty Motor Contactor
    * Unbalanced Motor Circuits & Loads
    * So much more…


    Why should you use KVA Thermal Imaging Inspection Services in Toronto?

    1. KVA Electric has qualified Licensed Electricians specially trained and certified to understand and properly read the Infrared Images and document the results accurately.
    2. KVA uses the latest Thermal Imaging Cameras, which are tested and calibrated on a regular basis and all software update with the latest technology available.
    3. Our Electricians are able to look inside of all of the Electrical Equipment were they can get an accurate infrared scan and see the issue first hand.
    4. Our Electricians are Licensed and Authorized to Open all Electrical Disconnects and all related Electrical Equipment.
    5. Therefor giving them freedom and advantage to freely look inside of all Electrical Equipment, where they can get a close look and accurately get an infrared scan and see the issue first hand.
    6. Others cannot accomplish these tasks as they are NOT Licensed or trained electricians and are only able to look at the Equipment from the outside in giving an inappropriate reading and poor or inconclusive scan results.

    While keeping the above points in mind, consider the accuracy of thermal scanners. These scanners use temperature sensors and detect fluctuations not visible to the human eye. When a fuse overheats, it emits heat, not light, so we can’t see it. However, that doesn’t mean the problem isn’t present or doesn’t exist, it simply means that it is not visible to the human eye. Instead of waiting for the fuse to get red hot, or blow-out, or perhaps even burn-out the fuse-holder or even melt the switches blades let us help you mitigate this with a simple infrared scan and allow us to rectify these issues and others before they become reality or a even serious problem.

    Our team of experts save all scanned images of the infrared inspection on a special digital card, therefore keeping the issue well documented and noted for all necessary repairs. This technology is very helpful in electrical preventative maintenance, and aids homeowners and businesses to continue to run smoothly as repairs happen in real-time. In addition, our Expert Electrician’s have access right into the Electrical Equipment and see the issues first hand. Unlike others who only scan the exterior of the Electrical Equipment we get right in to it and give you a real life picture and analysis of the electrical equipment and not a superficial picture and image.


    Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Thermal Imaging Services in Toronto:


    • What is Infrared Electrical Inspections?

    An Infrared Electrical Inspection is another term used for Infrared Thermal Scanning Services or Thermography. It will detect electrical issues by using heat indicators to determine any hot spots, faulty wiring, hot fuses, overheated cables, failing Breakers and numerous other electrical issues which can’t be seen but may be present and seen with a Thermal Scan at the time of the infrared inspection.


    • What is Thermal Imaging Analysis?

    Thermal Imaging analysis is a complete breakdown of the assessment done by our Electrical Thermographic Expert. It provides both a standard image and an Infrared image of electrical equipment. Both pictures allow us to point out and identify where the heat is being generated allowing us to pin point the exact location of the existing problem.

    The bottom line is that this technology can keep you safe and even save you money! While smoke detectors and sprinklers have their unique place and come into play only once there is a problem. Thermal Scans and the use of thermography in Toronto and the GTA, can alert you well before a situation arises and help you get ahead of any potential electrical danger or hazards.


    • How much does Thermal Imaging cost?

    Many times we are asked what is the cost of thermal imaging cost? Well to be honest it is really not a simple answer as one might expect to here, as there are many things that come in to play when considering the cost of thermal imaging. The first thing that one has to realize, is that for one; the amount of electrical equipment that are existing a home or building are crucial when trying to provide a price. Second of all the size and number of the electrical equipment is also important to know as this will also play an important role and factor when providing a price. In simple form the larger and the more and complex equipment there is in any one place the more the cost of Infrared imaging will be as we will spent more time in a larger building than others. This is all relevant to the amount of time that we need to conduct the thermal Scan of all relevant electrical equipment as well as the amount of time required to compile a thorough report for the infrared scan and details.