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Power Factor Correction Toronto

Power Factor Correction and Dirty Electricity In the GTA

You may need Power Factor Correction if you have a high Power Factor in your Electrical Distribution System. This can easily be found on your Hydro Bill in the form of PF additional Fees and Charges. In order to avoid these Extra Fees and Charges on your Hydro Bill you must do what is called Power Factor Correction (PFC). In order to achieve this cost reduction, you must hire a qualified Electrical Company that will ensure that they can mitigate this for you by Installing what is known as Capacitor Banks. Extra, unnecessary, and unwarranted charges on your hydro bill, are a direct result of what the industry refers to as Dirty Electricity or KVAR’S!

What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty Electricity is PF the unusable power on your hydro lines/wires that could also be harmful to your health. It’s a term the Electrical Industry uses to define unused surges of power. Multiple devices plugged into a residential home, commercial environment, or industrial building can cause this issue. It is directly related to high power consumption and some scientists believe it to be detrimental to our health.

This form of electrical energy pollution is associated with many human biological systems such as Asthma, ADHD, Autoimmune Disorders, Cancer, Concentration, and more. Check out this link for more information on how Dirty Electricity can be harmful to the human body.

KW is actual power, whereas KVAR is reactive power which is not in use. To explain further, think of power as an episode of your favourite show. KVAR is the total length of time you’re sitting down watching, 30 minutes. Consider the time spent on commercials as 10 minutes – the show is only 20 minutes of that time. That 10-minute commercial break is overage and not part of the real show. This commercial break represents electricity your building or home is pulling in but not using. What a waste of energy!

In terms of finances, if you’re building is guilty of producing Dirty Power, you have a spike in your utility bills that’s unwarranted (that 10-minute commercial break from above). Moreover, it can potentially be harmful to them. KVARS (Kilovolt-ampers) is made up of non-consumed energy. This means your electrical grid is pulling in more energy than it is using! This is where the term Dirty Electricity comes in, and the more equipment you plug in, the worse it will get!

How KVA Electricians Can Help

Our Certified Team has conducted PFC across the Greater Toronto Area, helping thousands save on their utility bills, and we can help you too! With a few changes and improvements to your Electrical Distribution & Equipment, we can curve the KVARS and reduce the Power Factor that is currently hurting your bottom line. Our assessment of your infrastructure will allow us to empower you with the right products and equipment to eliminate these factors from hiking your hydro bills.

Our experts have years of experience in both residential power factor correction and industrial power correction.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Power Factor Correction in Toronto and beyond:

  • How Does Power Correction work?

It improves the efficiency of the electrical distribution system by correcting and eliminating the increased load, demand and draw of electricity that is required by your equipment and appliances. It also reduces the loss of unused energy on your electrical distribution system.

  • What are the benefits of PFC?

Power Factor Correction corrects and eliminates the huge surge in power demand load or dirty electricity on the electrical distribution system. This will make your electrical circuits more productive and efficient. It reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating the waste of power. In doing so, your hydro bill will be lower as well!