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    EV Car Charger Installation & Service

    EV Car Charger Installation & Service

    EV Car Charger Installation Service


    Despite growing interest in electric cars, it can be challenging to find a dependable service that can assist with your EV car charger needs. At KVA Electrical Systems, more than capable of handling your EV car charger needs. We specialize in EV charger installation services to do our part for the environment, helping reduce our reliance on fossil fuels making the transition to EVs easier.

    Our goal is to help make EV charging stations as easy to find as a gas station, making it easier for more people to choose EVs. As the demand for EVs grows, the need for EV car chargers does as well.

    We can help property owners and individuals install EV charging stations, including:

    🔵 Level 1, 2, 3

    🔵 Level 1 – 12 hours charger

    🔵 Level 2 – 4-hour charger

    We can help you find the best EV charger for your needs.




    EV Car Charger Installation & Service



    EV Charger Installation


    Most of our customers need the level 2 charger. This charger can be installed in your garage or in the area where you park your car.

    It takes about four hours to install an EV charger. We can supply and install your charger without the need for additional equipment. However, installation requires a dedicated line to the panel whether we install it in your garage or outside. All work is performed to adhere to the ESA guidelines.

    We provide an Inspection Permit & Certificate for all EV Charger Installations for your convenience.


    Benefits of EV Charges


    Electric cars are taking the world by storm as more people try to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and opt for a reliable, affordable source of transportation. Electric cars require less maintenance, making them far more accessible to drive. You won’t need oil changes, which makes them better for the environment. You’ll get better mileage from using your EV charger and reduce general maintenance costs over the life of your car.

    EV Car Charger Installation & Service

    Driving an EV car is an exhilarating experience with lots of power. You also feel good knowing you are driving an eco-friendly car that’s not emitting harmful gases!

    Design & Technology


    We use the most advanced technology for EV chargers. Our l Level 2 is Residential and Commercial Industrial Standard EV Charging Stations:

    🔵 208-240 VAC

    🔵  Up to 30 amp and 7.2 kW

    🔵 SAE J1772 connector, standardized for over 10 000 charging cycles and compatible with plug-in vehicles sold in North America

    🔵 Wall mount with integrated cable rest

    🔵 For indoor or outdoor installation (-40°C à 40°C)

    The Level 3 is what you find in some Plazas, Hwy’s and or High Rise Buildings . It is also significantly lower in cost. Features include:

    🔵 Voltage Range: 360-508VAC 3-phases 50/60Hz

    🔵 Max. Current: 80A @ 400VAC; 67A @ 480VAC (protection: 80A Circuit breaker)

    🔵 Input power factor > 0.93

    🔵 Efficiency > 94%

    🔵 Earth Leakage Current < 3.5mA

    🔵 3-pole AC contactor coupled with emergency button

    🔵 -20°C to + 40°C, maximum altitude 3500 m


    Call us now to speak to one of our helpful team members and set up an appointment for our EV installation service.

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