Aluminum Wiring in your Home!

If you have Aluminum Wires in your home you should consider replacing them with Copper Wires and avoid the Risk of an Electrical Fire or lingering Electrical Hazard. The things that you should know about Aluminum Wires in your home! Is that Aluminum Wires are great Current carrying Conductors, but they are not that safe and should no longer be used in your Home. Consider rewiring your home and have them completely removed to avoid the risk of an Electrical Fire.

Aluminum Wires were widely used in the late 1960’s to the mid 1970, within a period of about 10 years, it became obvious that Aluminum Wires were problematic, not Safe, and a possible Fire hazard. Once the Industry realized the hazard Aluminum Wires were abolished and not approved or accepted for use in Electrical Installations and Home Wiring.

Aluminum Wires can become extremely weak and frail and burn out especially at the point of Termination. Some examples and known places for this to occur are at the Main Electrical Panel or at the individual Devices, such as a Receptacle, Switch, Junction Box or even a Lighting Box.

This is due to the fact that Aluminum Wires have the tendency to Oxidize, when Joined or Spliced with Copper Wires, and overheat at the point of Termination if they are improperly Terminated without the us of NOLAX Compound or if they are used with incompatible devices which have been designed for use with copper wires Only.

There are several ways to ensure that Aluminum Wires are kept to a safe Operating Level.

  • One is to ensure that all Wires are Properly Terminated with the use of NOLAX COMPOUND,

  • Second is to ensure that all Terminations are done right and were they are connected to Devices ensure that the all Wires are Terminated with NOLAX COMPOUND, and that the Device is an Aluminum accepting Device.

  • Third is to make all Terminations in Junction Boxes and Device Boxes with the use of NOLAX COMPOUND and by installing a Pig Tail at all Joints and Splices in order to ensure a solid and strong connection and Termination of Wires.

Ways to tell if you are at risk if the cover plates of a Switch, Receptacle or Device is Warm to the touch or if you notice any discoloration of Switches or Receptacles, flickering lights, or the smell of hot plastic insulation may be evidence that these problems exist.
We always recommend that when and were possible to remove and replace all Aluminum Wires in order to avoid and reduce the risk of a potentially dangerous situation (Fire, Personal Injury, Death,). It is also strongly recommended that all Aluminum Wires be removed and/or replaced in its entirety. This would be an ideal and proper way to deal with a potentially hazardous and Life threatening condition of pre-existing wiring.

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