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Electric Service Panels Installation in Toronto

Service Panels for Toronto & Vaughan

Service Panels are the hub of your home’s electricity. Consider it a switchboard for any and all electricity running through your home. If you’re like any other homeowner, you probably don’t visit your service panel very often, we just expect them to run smoothly and do their job. In older homes, those built before the 70’s, you can expect to find a fuse based panel instead of a breaker panel.

An outdated service panel in Toronto requires constant upkeep as fuses tend to blow and need replacement. We highly recommend upgrading to a breaker panel – where it’s as easy as flipping a switch instead of replacing a fuse. Have you ever run out of Fuses, imagine having no replacement fuse in the middle of the night. it happens more often than you think, consider upgrading your panel and getting away from this type of issue and problematic situation.

Our Licensed Electricians provide the following for Service Panels in Toronto:

The Process

Before we begin work on your Service Panel Installation in Toronto, we need to assess the electrical demands of your home. This takes into consideration the surface area of your home, the number of water heaters, your heating and air conditioning loads, if you have a pool, and if you have an electrical vehicle. These, among others, will calculate the total demand of your house in terms of electricity usage, which will determine the needs of your service panel.

Customer Needs

If your home has an outdated fuse box – some insurance companies are now more than ever hesitant to insure you. This is because these boxes are known to have lurking electrical hazards which can lead to dangerous situations – they’re highly sensitive and even placing the wrong fuse in the wrong place can cause damage to wiring and the fuse box its self. 

What if you already have a circuit breaker? You can still benefit from an upgrade. If your circuit breaker is constantly tripping, this could mean your appliance(s) isn’t getting enough power. Maybe you’ve recently added a pool or hot tub to your home – your circuit breaker may require an upgrade to ensure that electricity is being distributed properly and evenly throughout the house.


Our clients appreciate the care that goes in when we are installing service panels across Toronto – as we take extra care ensuring that the Installation is done right an to the highest standards, keeping you and your family safe. KVA Electricians will give you peace of mind, knowing that your electrical installation is posing no threat to the safety of your family. Don’t hesitate to call us, we’re open 24/7.

Here are a couple Frequently Asked Questions we receive on Service Panels across Toronto:

What is upgrading an electrical panel?

Modern households require much more electricity than they used to, and much more power. With the addition of high tech home Electronics, your service panel requires more power than ever before. However, it typically should reflect the amount of power your home uses on a daily basis. Upgrading will align your electrical needs with what you’re receiving and how it’s being distributed throughout your home.

How long will it take to upgrade my service panel?

Some service Panels require more work than others, depending on the age complexity of the Installation. As well as the difference between the old and new electrical Service Panel requirements for the home. If your home is not up to code, we’ll get you there! Also, we’ll set you up for future installments of additional circuits that you may want to Install down the road. On average, you’re looking at 6-8 hours for completion depending on the unique Installation and requirements.