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chandelier installation in Vaughan

Chandelier Installation for Toronto and Vaughan

Chandeliers are the ceiling centerpiece. They can make a bold statement or offer subtle elegance. Safety during and after installation is the most important piece to the overall process of getting your chandelier up perfectly. Our licensed electricians are expertly trained at even the hardest to reach ceilings and challenging points of suspension. We offer chandelier installation in Toronto! This includes repair, removal, and the following:

  • Chandelier Bulbs Replacement
  • Replace Burned Out Sockets
  • Rewiring Chandeliers
  • Extend Chandelier Chains & Wire
  • Certifing Imported Chandeliers
  • Chandelier cleaning
  • Broken crystal arms or crystal replacement

Our Electricians have extensive experience in chandelier installation across Toronto. We take necessary precautions to ensure there is no damage done to the drywall or your new chandelier.

Heavy Chandeliers

Chandeliers can be exceptionally heavy, not to mention fragile! Also, if you’re removing an old ceiling fan or chandelier, you may run into unexpected issues. As Licensed Electricians, we are prepared for any surprises and trained to install your new fixture or Chandelier safely and up to code.

The weight of your new chandelier will determine how the Installation will be done and the type of electrical box that may be needed as well as any additional support – at times, the electrical ceiling box in your home is not sufficient or it may be too small to be used with the chandelier that you want to Install. The Ceiling Box may not be sufficient to hold the weight of the chandelier and extra support may be required either in the form of additional support in the ceiling or some other means depending on the weight of the chandelier. Additionally, we use the same amount of care taking down your old chandelier as we do installing your new one – in case you plan to relocate it or store it for later use.


We Take Care

The exact process will vary for every service call, depending largely on the size of the chandelier and the ceiling itself. We do our best to ensure we make/keep the smallest hole possible in your ceiling drywall, carefully installing your new centerpiece for a flawless finish.

Our Licensed Electricians carry out every Chandelier installation in Toronto with care, by installing up to code, with all safety regulations in place.


Frequently Asked Questions we receive about Chandelier installation across Toronto and the GTA:

  • My Chandelier is 80lbs. Does it need Extra Support or does the box offer the support and safety I need for its weight?

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Chandeliers over 25lbs require independent support. This is usually in the form of a brace that needs to be Installed. This is in addition to the standard octagon ceiling box which is used to attach the chandelier.

  • Can I install my own chandelier?

Replacing an old chandelier with a new small one could be a DIY project if you’re handy enough to do so. However, we recommend that you use a professional electrician to install a chandelier or replace one. There are many underlying things that you may not know until its too late! In many cases as we get called to DIY jobs we find that people mistakenly use the Ground wire as a Power Wire or a Neutral Wire either one is wrong and Dangerous, which can lead to many other Electrical issues.

Especially with old homes, you never know what’s under the surface. At times, you may not be able to clearly identify correct wires. As licensed Toronto electricians, we can get the job done safely, and fast. We ensure you won’t run into any issues with the installation of a chandelier.

  • What are some things to take into consideration when installing a chandelier?

The weight and size of the chandelier, as well as the height of the ceiling. You also need to know if you have sufficient support in the ceiling to hold the new chandelier. In addition, you’ll want to make sure the wiring in your home isn’t old or if it needs repairing or to be completely replaced.