KVA ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS LTD., has been serving Southern Ontario for the past 30 years. With on time professional Service, Electrical Repair, excellent Workmanship and exceptional customer Service.

KVA ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS LTD. is a Non-Union, Privately owned and Operated Electrical Service Company.  based out of the City of Vaughan, Ontario.
Fully Licensed Electricians, Insured and Registered with ECRA/ESA {(Electrical Contractor Registration Agency) of the (Electrical Safety Authority)} of Ontario. Our clean and flawless Record with ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) stands out amongst the crowd. Once again demonstrating that we conduct our self’s in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. KVA ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS LTD. has a staff of professional Licensed Electricians and an outstanding reputation for Quality Workmanship and Service excellence.

When we started in the Electrical Business, we realized that in order to succeed and not just to survive, we would need to perform in such a way as to set ourselves apart from the rest. We have accomplished that by always answering the Telephone and providing excellent customer service all the time and at the worst of times. In addition, whenever the telephone rings whether it’s day or night you can rest assure, that you will be greeted by a live person and not a machine. We understand that no one wants to speak to a machine and that you need to speak to a live person. Electricity is dangerous and complicated it can also lead to life threatening situations. So when you are in need of service, you need it today rather than tomorrow, Monday or next week.

In addition, we understand that arriving on time and service excellence is the key to customer satisfaction. We guarantee our work and believe in excellent Workmanship and exceptional customer Service.

Our arrays of Electrical Services range from Small Scale Projects to the Complexity of Large and Full Scale Projects. In addition, for those customers who prefer to work with us on their next Project on a Progressive Scale type of Plan! We offer them a Design Built option giving them the flexibility to create, arrange and modify any or all aspects of their Project. We will help you realize your dream as you have envisioned it. We achieve this by letting you make changes and modify all aspects of the Project as we progress with the work & changes to your unique Plan. Not to mention the Fact that at the end of the Project you the Customer, will end up with a perfect completed Project. To really that it is a 100% completed Project we would provide, you with a complete and perfect set of Plans, as a Design Built Project would dictate.

If you are planning on a New Project such as Building, a New Home, New Construction, Renovations, or adding a New Section or Addition to your Existing Home or Building Structure. Then give us a call; we will take on the challenge to help you realize your Dreams and visions. Perhaps you need us to aid and assist you by solving some existing Electrical issues and problems that you may have. We look forward to serving you on your next Project, Electrical Renovation and/or Electrical Installation.

We will be there every step of the way until your Project is 100% Complete and we know that you are 100% satisfied with all of our services.

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